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The truth about Nutrisystem

This is something that has been around my head last weeks, all the fuse about Nutrisytem has got to be an unbiased opinion from every angle, and here’s mine

Nutrisystem is like many others, a very well marketed product with a very exhaustive marketing campaign, they even have a website on the first page of Google for their keyword, that website claims to have honest reviews generated by the public.

Nevertheless, if you pay attention to the structure of the site, you don’t have an option to submit your review and see it published live, instead you have to send an email and they will only choose the emails that they want to appear, which is not very “unbiased and honest” as they claim it is.

So I you want a real honest review here’s the best place, your reviews will go live as you send them, just create an account just like I did, sooner or later your opinion will not sneak through.