Fraud and Scams from a Criminal Corporation : 2013 review is today the biggest criminal organization on the Internet. This is why:

2013 major criminal activity

In 2012 offered domains for 2 dollars which brought the atention of many customers who never imagined what would happen to their domains if they wanted to transfer them or prevent them from auto renewing.

Shady Practices

Domain Auto Renewal

Everytime you buy a domain from them they will auto renew it without even asking you in first place. You might think this is ok since it prevents you from losing the domain, the worst part is that you are not able to disable the service unless you call them. Keep reading and you will know why is a scam.

Ridicuolous High Renewal Prices: lets you register domains for 2 USD but when you renew them they will charge about 30 or 50 dollars for each domain. Now you might say, ok why don’t you move the domain to another registar, or disable the auto renew service. Well, you can’t, they won’t let you do any changes unless you call them directly. But it doesn’t stops there. because when you call them they ask you to wait 90 minutes on the phone. It’s like you rent an apartment for 1000 USD the first month and in the second month the owner asks you for 20,000 USD with no choise to terminate the contract. That’s stealing. will steal your money


This is how their criminal organization steals your money. In any other registar company you have the choise to transfer or stop your domains from autorenewing. In you don’t have the right to do anything. They are criminals who hold Credit card information and they won’t let you delete that information. Now when you try to call them they ask you to wait 90 minutes on the phone, ridicously they offer you a callback service, well, they will never call you back, no matter how many times you try. are domain thieves, they run a major scam and we need you to help us to stop them Lawsuit

Please help us to sign this petition to prevent to keep stealing our money and domains

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