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How to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 4s Untethered?

Almost the end of the year and stil no jailbreak for iPad 2 or iPhone 4s on iOS 5.0, nevertheless I have just found a website called how2jailbreakiphone4s.com which seems to be a trusted source about a new jailbreak which works with the latest iOS 5, 5.01, 5.1

Today I received my iPhone 4s and I have to say it’s hands down the best device ever created, it’s beautiful, the SIRI feature is unbelievable and its much more faster than the iPhone 4 or any other device I have tried before

Anyway I wanted still jailbreak it because let’s admit it, the Android store is nothing close to the Apple Store, you can’t have as many good free apps as you would like.

So about the question, how to jailbreak the iphone 4s easy and fast I would say the best thing is suscribe to the site I mentioned above, they look very reilable and personally I am tired of checking RedMondPie.com or other site every day, it’s really annoying when these developers keep joking about the release.

Anyway I’d suggest you to keep donating, I have myself donated to the cause and that’s why I demand a fast jailbreak

iPad 2 jailbreak review : legit or scam

After waiting months for a really working iPad 2 jailbreak I have to say, tons of things have happened, from the original developers of many other jailbreaks giving some hopes to the public, to companies that offer a professional jailbreak installation support.

The first iPad 2 jailbreak was confirmed some few days after the official iPad 2 release. I have some business and studies in marketing and I totally understand that these developers don’t think and they dont need to think in marketing strategies, but to be honest the only winners were the bloggers making money in advertising fees with the famous released pictures that featured a white iPad 2 running Cydia.

Some days after the vulnerability had been fixed for the 4.3.2 iOS update which caused a lot of controversy, mainly because there are still some exploits that jailbreak apps need which haven’t been fixed even after several iOS updates.

Things have gone like this since March 2011, nevertheless in May 2011 some important things have happened. First, an announce from one of the most important jailbreak developers caused a big controversy when the developer codenamed his jailbreak “elevator” while he tried to create confusion to the people who had been trying to decipher his tweets, later he reacted to hundreds of blogs interpreting his words “elevator” and “stairs” as codenames for his iPad 2 jailbreak apps, one paid the another one free.

His reaction caused probably even more confusion, when he stated that there’s no such jailbreak and he doesn’t even have an iPad 2, later he tweeted about making public his “elevator” on a hackers convention.

The truth is the iPad 2 jailbreak is NOT a scam, legit? we don’t know, they might be working. Companies that offer an iPad 2 Jailbreak? some, like jaiPhone that has offered jailbreak support for beginners in the past.
This leadreview snippet remains open.