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Chimney Cleaners Review

 A ‘Run-Down’ on Chimney Cleaners

Chimney cleaners are extremely vital as the chimney is a vulnerable place in the house, generally least checked and more susceptible to wear and tear and accumulation of soot and combustible creosote. Chimney cleaning today has evolved from just fireplace maintenance to a broad spectrum of services encompassing repair and maintenance of venting chimneys for various heating appliances.

What Do Chimney Cleaners Do?

The cleaners, or the chimney sweep services, as they are generally known, offer to do a basic inspection of the chimney for any signs of damage or excessive accumulation of soot, and then repair works for the chimney as well as for the heating system to which the chimney is connected.

With well suited chimney cleaning equipment like brushes and vacuum that serves to provide efficient cleaning without debris dispersion, chemicals that tackle hard layers of creosote and new linings for chimneys hat have gone beyond repair, the chimney cleaning services are abound.

Chimney Cleaning and Equipment

Special chimney cleaning equipment is available which can be used by the owners as well as by the qualified chimney sweeps for maintenance of the chimney.

The renowned brand Wohler manufactures brushes and tools for chimney cleaning, different types of vent duct pipe cleaning tools and rods ranging from 50 feet to 160 feet in length.
Other brands like the Rutland offer fiberglass extension rods and round pellet stove brushes that are effective in reaching out to a great length and brushing any loosely attached soot particles. The creosote removers are also offered which serve to make the creosote linings loose and easily removable.
The Gardus chimney cleaning system is another product of chimney cleaners that has better soot removal efficiency than a normal brush. With an easy-fit design, forward and reverse spin and a ‘scratch-free’ performance, this chimney cleaning equipment rates high on quality.


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